Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment – Tools & Refrigerant, and Aftermarket Parts

Omega-Santech holds no punches, we represent the following lines of tools: AMPROSE, CPS, FJC, INFICON, MASTERCOOL, ROBINAIRE, TECHNICAL CHEMICAL, TIF and UNIWELD.

We also offer tools under our own MASTERTECH brand of tools and accessories.

Omega-Santech offers a comprehensive range of top-tier Automotive Air Conditioning Tools and Equipment. Such tools are essential for automotive professionals who service, repair, or maintain vehicle HVAC systems. From refrigerant recovery machines and vacuum pumps to manifold gauge sets and leak detection tools, Omega-Santech's product line provides precision engineering and advanced technology to meet the diverse needs of modern automotive air conditioning systems.

Omega-Santech's refrigerant recovery machines are designed to safely extract and recycle refrigerants, adhering to environmental regulations and promoting sustainability. Vacuum pumps ensure the removal of air and moisture from the air conditioning system, preventing performance issues and optimizing cooling efficiency. Manifold gauge sets provide precise readings of pressure levels, aiding technicians in diagnosing and adjusting the system. Omega-Santech also feature cutting-edge leak detection tools that help identify and address potential issues before they escalate. Omega-Santech's Automotive Air Conditioning Tools and Equipment are crafted to deliver reliability and performance.

Large Inventory. . . Huge Selection of Parts

Vacuum pumps, leak detectors, clutch removal tools, shaft seal protector-installers, specific kits for FORD, GM Nippondenso, Seiko Seiki, York-Techumseh-Climate Control, Calsonic-Nihon, Matsushita-Panasonic, Kehien, Sanden, Tama-Seltec-Diesel Kiki, Unicla just to name a few.

Digital thermometers, Infrared leak detectors, UV lights, syringes, oil injectors, scales, recovery machines, you name it and the brand you want...we will get it for you.

Omega-Santech carries CASTROL, BVA, SANDEN, and other OEM specified petroleum products used in both R12, 1234yf and R134a systems. Encompassing different PAG viscosities (46, 100, 150) and synthetic poly esters all available in 8oz, 16oz, quart and gallon sizes. With the addition of UV dye if requested on these products, or oil charge cans.

We also offer chemicals under our own MASTERCHEM brand.